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Opening Day

Welcome to the Mitigation Journal!

Mitigation Journal provides unique perspectives on civil preparedness and emergency response. Through blogging, podcasting, social media, and iReporting, we'll examine the limitless topics of preparedness and response for civilians, traditional rescuers and non-traditional responders. We'll be reporting on current events, conducting case study, providing original material sprinkled with commentary. Mitigation Journal will cover everything from routine incidents to local disaster and national crisis. Professional responders and concerned citizens will gain valuable insight into preparedness and emergency response.

With real world experience and insight, Mitigation Journal will be there helping you prepare for whatever challenges your role in preparedness care, emergency medical service, fire department, public health preparedness...Mitigation Journal covers it all.

Your comments are vital. Feel free to add constructive comments and viewpoints.

Patience please. It is important for you to know that Mitigation Journal is a first-pass attempt at publishing.
Key Words: Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service, EMS, Disaster, Terrorism, WMD

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  1. All hazards is a wide idea of one that needs even more responders and citizens alike to really take a better view of.

    Since dogs and fish communicate better than we mere humans, the more we can improve on our own communication skills and set the goal to over-communicate in an already 'crowded' communication environment, then we are taking the right steps.

    Let's make 'this dog hunt!"


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