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Never Mind Osama, Here's the Aryan Nation

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for a bit longer than planned. My expected weekly publish date of April 26 has long gone by. Despite the word from some sources that my opinions are not well received; I continue to be asked when the Journal will be updated. There is no holding back since I've recently been called the “Super Wal-Mart of conspiracy theory and apocalyptic thinking”. Remember: My Blog; My Rule. (I still don't care about APA or MLA style. Stop telling me about it!) So, here's my view on a few topics...

No way in hell are we going to oust all or even a meaningful number of illegal immigrants, even if we logistically could, to what political and social end? Huge implications for U.S. diplomatic relations with South America (read: oil) FOR THE RECORD: I have not made a stance on deportation of illegal immigrants. I have a daily personal and professional struggle with this issue; and therefore will try to look objectively. Hold the hate mail, please.

Guest worker program = stop gap measure; polarization of government and society on this issue will grow exponentially (can you say Race War?)This will be compounded by a few factors: decline of the middle class and evaporation of health care. Sure; foreign aid, gas prices, and any other hurricane will play a role, too. Will there come a time when the only stable employment is held by "undocumented workers"?

Terrorism: forget about Osama et. al. I predict the social and economical implications of all this will put a torch to the domestic groups that have been so quiet in the last decade or so. Look for white supremacy groups, KKK, militia, anti-gov movements and the like to become vocal and active! (Can you imagine David Duke getting prime-time coverage?) Read the USA Today Story:

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  1. Michael12:36 PM

    good point. we have some home -grown terrorists as evidenced by McVeigh et al that are just as dangerous as the kooks we are fighting overseas.


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