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The Home Emergency Pocket Guide from Informed: Perfect for Preparedness at all levels!

I've been using Informed field guides for EMS for years and just recently received a copy of the Home Emergency Pocket Guide. Of all the guides and documents I've reviewed in the last few years, this one takes first place.

One of the most frequent questions I get when it comes to disaster preparedness is "where do I start!?" The problem is that those who actually take personal and family readiness seriously can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of material available...even the most motivated of people can find themselves spinning without clear direction. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide provides that clear direction in a easy-to-understand format that allows for reference and repetition as well as planning.

I read the guide cover to cover several times and found it easy to use and written so anyone, from citizen to CERT member to experienced responder can quickly get potential life saving information on everything from planning to first aid. Covering natural disasters, hazardous materials, terrorism and recovery, this guide takes the All-Hazards approach.

I was hooked by page 4: "...preparedness experts have cautioned civilians for decades to take the necessary precautions to help themselves in times of catastrophe. And yet, many of us do not. " We believe it will happen to someone else: we suffer from Optimism Bias - In fact recent data suggests that only 6-7% of the public has done any planning or preparation for disaster or crisis. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide walks you through in a logical direction, the path to being aware and prepared for numerous situations.

The section on first aid is formatted for quick reference and easy recall. ABC'S, CPR, medical emergencies and trauma situations are all covered. Some not-so-common situations are included as you may need to be self reliant in disaster or survival situations. There is even guides for biological agents such as smallpox, botulism, cholera, and anthrax.

The first rule in any emergency is to stop and think. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide provides the foundation for your preparedness efforts. The more prepared the public...the better the responders can help! Even the most experianced responder can benefit from this guide, giving piece of mind that your family knows what to do while you're responding to crisis

Check out my commentary on the Home Emergency Pocket Guide on the June 16, 2008 edition of Mitigation Journal: The All Hazards Podcast. Watch for a special offer from Informed and Mitigation Journal soon!

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