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Graduation Time!

Lee (at left) is one of the most senior medics in our he is talking with one of our regions seniors who just became a medic (Rick Roach). Rick is also a former ILS student of mine.

Dr. Shah (right) and I solving the world problems...

Honored to be the Emcee for the event, I'm getting ready to open the evening with one of my special one-liners...

At left, Amy Ruffo takes the stage and salutes her class

Members of the junior paramedic class, Kate and Nikki, attended the graduation. They now belong to the SENIOR paramedic class of 2009! Best of luck!

Boys will be boys...and we'll leave it at that.

Mr. B looks on as the festivities begin. Peter is the lead instructor for the Monroe Community College Paramedic Program.

Mr. B gives his address and salute to the sixteenth graduating class of paramedics from Monroe Community College.

Laurie King (a former ILS student) receives her Paramedic Diploma.

Bob Breese getting ready to deliver the Paramedic Oath to the Class of 2008. Known for his trauma lectures and "bob-a-cology", Bob is a leader in and out of the classroom.

On a more serious note...

Best Wishes to the MCC Paramedic Class of 2008!

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