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Should Emergency Plans be open to the public?

I came upon this brief in Medical News Today ( talking about communicating emergency plans to the public. It seems that not all states have been able to make their plans available upon request. There also seems to be a disconnect in the communications area...few plans have a contingency communicating with the public.

This is an important topic for many reasons, two for sure; communication and public access. Communications are a vital part of any plan. We know that a solid community response can make or break the government response. That said, we have to ensure the public knows what to do, why they have to do it, and what we're going to do as emergency responders. On an entirely different point, we need to consider that the public may want to actually read our emergency plans. I don't think that anyone in the public will take action based on what they read in some plan...I think they are more likely to take action based upon the communication they receive from emergency personnel. However, we have to acknowledge that plans should be available in some form. Obviously there are parts of our plans that should be kept private.

I'd like to hear your thoughts to this.

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  1. I agree with the podcast. I think some of it should be public but not all of it.

    Cody Howe


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