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Anniversary and Goals

Goals are good things to review this time of year. And as this year of 2008 comes to an end I am reviewing the intent and goals of Mitigation Journal. Both the blog and the podcast have seen an explosion of readers/listeners. Mitigation Journal The All Hazards Podcast continues to be ranked in the top 3 on iTunes in the Local organizations and government category. I'm simply humbled by the response from the community and the number of people who I've come to rely on to get this stuff done.

I almost forgot to mention this topic, but as the calendar is down to just one page, I thought it would be nice. The blog has been going for three-years (since November 2005) with over 140 posts and several feature articles, and the podcast has just turned two-years old with 92 weekly editions, numerous in-service training sessions...and thousands of listeners.

So a simple "thank you" is in order to everyone who has helped make this effort worth it. We'll be moving in several new directions for 2009 and I'll be looking forward to your continued support!

Please contact me with your insight, thoughts and comments. If you have an idea about what you'd like to hear, read, or see us do in 2009, I'd love to hear from you! You can reach me at anytime by email, calling our voice mail line at 585-672-7844.
I'll be posting our Year in Review segment here and on the podcast shortly after 1/1/2009. Please join us!

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