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Stretching Vaccine Supply

Stretching Vaccine Supply is an important issue for those involved with pandemic planning. The supply of anti-viral agents, both oral and injected, is a major issue among planners at all levels. In fact, the limits of anti-viral agents have pushed the need for non-pharmacological interventions such as face masks or other protective clothing.

Here is a story from MSNBC outlining the results of a recent study suggesting that flu vaccine given at half-strength can be effective.

Let's not get carried away...this is not an indication that we have all the vaccine we could need, nor should we abandon our non-pharm efforts. The fact still remains that, while this vaccine may be effective at half strengths levels, we still need to match the H's and N's of the circulating strain. Additionally, we will continue to contend with all the logistical issues of ineluctable and oral anti-viral agents.

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