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Iron Safety a Hot Topic in Rochester

The University or Rochester and the Rochester Fire Department have teamed up to help prevent burn injuries. A recent article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle highlights the efforts between the two agencies to develop a safety campaign to prevent these burn injuries. They are working on two solutions; first an educational brochure to be given to new mothers at the U of R and, second, a physical device to hold the iron flat and protect the sides.

The need for this type of information and protective device are evident based on the stats given by the U of R:

"...Between 2003 and 2007, the Strong Memorial Hospital Regional Burn Center treated 212 children younger than 5 for contact burns. While wood-burning stoves were the most common source, hot clothing irons burned 29 patients."

"Toddlers suffer second- or third-degree burns when they touch a hot iron or knock it onto their hands or face. Some of those burns require skin grafts, a five-day hospital stay and a month of recovery."

Check it out here.

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