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Thoughts on extreme cold weather

Random Thoughts on extreme cold weather...

"evaluate every trauma patient for hypothermia and every hypothermia patient for trauma"

"life safety, incident stabilization, property conservation"

"confine it to the Zip Code of origin and keep it off CNN"

Extreme low temps and brutal wind chill expected here in next 24 hours due to last through the weekend...high temps predicted to be between 2 and 5 above with sustained 25MPH winds. That means wind chills well below zero.

Even small events take more resources and protection of responders can be difficult.
Don't forget Emergency Scene Rehab for cold situations (as important as during hot weather) and often forgotten.

Pumps can freeze, lines freeze turn into iron pipes, and the fire scene can turn into an MCI of responders.

"if there is snow on the can't be too hot inside"

MVC's on highways can become impossible blizzards...think rapid extrication...minor injuries and illnesses will deteriorate quickly.

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