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Protecting Nuke Plants from Air Attack

Shouldn't we have done this already?
You and I may have thought that nuclear power plants have been evaluated and made safe from threats on the ground and in the air. We're wrong. A story being run on states that new construction of nuclear power plants will have to be protected from dive-bombing aircraft.

Just think, it's only been seven years since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC...and we're just getting to the protection of our nuke plants now!? To make matters worse, the requirement put forth in the article notes that "...require any future nuclear power plants to be designed to withstand strikes from commercial jetliners..." What about the current plants? Shouldn't we be doing something with them as well? I have to honest here, I thought that they were already protected to some degree from this scenario...guess not.

Once again we demonstrate the failure to learn from our emergency preparedness history. Billions of dollars have been spent and much of it wasted in the name of preparedness since 9-11-01. We've failed to make meaningful changes to our attitudes toward preparedness and been mediocre at best keeping up with man-made and biological threats.

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