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Stand by for the Ripple Effect

One out of every four people said they're (or someone in the family) is putting off getting medical attention due to cost. Another 50% admit to over-reliance on folk remedy and over the counter medications in lieu of seeking prescription drugs and doctors office visits.

EMS providers hang on to your EKG leads! The combination of prolonged reliance on over the counter medications will lead to increased medication interaction and more severe disease. Sprinkle in a bit of denial and delayed access to care, and we'll be seeing sicker patients with masked symptoms. The situation reported by MSNBC should also be a warning for use to look ahead for the Ripple this case, the Ripple will be surge on hospitals and EMS with patients who have been under treated or have been non-compliant with treatment. Also, responders have to be ready for the prescription / OTC interaction and complication of history and exam.

Keep an eye on this one.

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