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Of Chicken and Expectations

OK, you've got to see this video! When watching, do so from an emergency management standpoint...that is, substitute antiviral agents, antibiotics, masks...for the word "chicken".

Also, change the question "how do I feed my family?" to "how do I protect my family?". How about instead of Popeyes...we use [insert your organization/community name here] ? Are you prepared for the onslaught?

How does simply changing from "chicken" to medication/masks (or whatever) impact this situation? What will changing from "feed my family" to "protect my family" do to social unrest and public health?

Is this a snapshot of what we can expect when the community expectation is not met?! These people are not actors, they are actual citizens with actual expectations...reacting when those expectations are not met.

Imagine your point of distribution running out of medication...or the neighboring jurisdiction running out of medication and how that will impact your community. If people react in the manner displayed on this video over a chicken combo special, what do you think they will do when we run out of antivirals, antibiotics, masks...or whatever?

I can hear it now..."What do you mean you didn't order enough antiviral medication and masks?! You knew this flu was coming two months ago!"

Special thanks to our Director of Apocalyptic Thinking, Officer Sundquist, for sending me this video and bringing this potential to our attention.

I await debate and comment!


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    First off, quit eating crap food, hang up and drive and loose about 100#'s. If you can't 'feed my family' based solely on greasy fried chicken, and you cant assemble a decent, well balanced meal, then you have many more problems than not getting free chicken! Oh, one more thing, driving between Penfield and the city, to get free fried chicken, let's look at the cost of gas you used, then the environmental impact, read carbon foot print, for what, free fried chicken?

    Lordy help us all!

  2. Jonathan Horowitz12:37 PM

    "911 where's your emergency?"
    "My loved one is having chest pains!"
    "I'm sorry, the system is all out of ambulances, can s/he drive to the nearest emergency room?"
    "But I need an ambulance!"
    "As I already said, ma'am/sir, our system has run out of ambulances, we are no longer accepting medical calls for the day. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend that you call earlier in the day next time. You may be able to hire an ambulance from another service though although with out current specials of caring for the patient while en route to the hospital, many of the systems have been overwhelmed."
    "Never mind the ambulance, my loved one is already dead. Could you put me in touch with your legal department."

    What a wonderful way to be able to do business huh?

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Oh the things that come to my mind!

    But how many times have we been sent to an out of service vehicle to scavange items that were out of stock or broken?

    Who remembers playing musical supplies during the NYS DOH inspection so that every bus passed?

    Jim Briggs


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