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What NOT to do for Flu

Here is some good info in the setting of flu from TIME/CNN: The top five things NOT to do in a pandemic situation -
  1. DONT go to the hospital
  2. DONT be afraid to eat pork (and yes, I think we should continue to call this SWINE FLU)
  3. DONT hoard anti-viral medications (lets add to this one...DONT take antibiotics...they wont work on flu - antibiotics are for bacterial infections, flu is viral. Taking any medication...antibiotic or antiviral...when you're not sick can lead to the development of resistance, too)
  4. DONT leave your home if you feel sick (lets add to that if you have fever and respiratory symptoms...or symptoms suggesting cold/flu of any kind)
  5. DONT panic (its Swine Flu...not an IRS audit)
And now for a few of my own...
  • Call 9-1-1 only if you need to...remember, ambulance crews are limited and calling an ambulance will NOT guarantee you get a hospital bed any faster (if at all)
  • Wash your hands...all the time
  • cover you cough/sneeze
  • practice appropriate social distancing


  1. Okay, as the devil's advocate, I'll put it out there. Is the swine flu just another example of the media making things bigger than they are?

    Personally, I'm not buying into it. I agree, there is a virus to be aware of. I, however, will not buy into the panic that the media is trying to inspire. It's unfortunate that people out there will make themselves sick by worrying about becoming sick. It's all for Nielsen ratings.

    So, I'll wash my hands, keep my distance from sick people (when possible), cover my mouth when I cough, and wash my hands, wash my hands, wash my hands.

    Swine Flu: Brought to you by the same people that brought you panic for Y2K, Avian influenza, Anthrax, Smallpox, and politics. All of which are scary enough without the media influence.

  2. Greg - Sad, but true...mostly. My opinion (albeit uneducated)is that this situation has potential for being much worse than it is (was). This flu situation had some alarming factors and lacked information we would need to scale down the event. I agree the media is an issue...but WHO and CDC (along with our Health Department) were following a plan...a good start.
    We've also done a good job of associating the word "pandemic" with "death"...and that is not a good thing, as we cause panic with the mention of a word.
    Back at 'ya

  3. Our society thrives on panic. I found a few good graphics (comedic, of course) representing America's reaction to H1N1.

    Realistically, a more educated approach on all sides could have prevented the widespread panic that ensued.


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