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Is there a Nuke in your neighborhood?

Is there a Nuke in your neighborhood? Check out Nukeometer at

Just enter your city and country to find out how many nukes are within range of your city! The breakdown is given by potentially offending country and by delivery...ICBM, submarines, short range missile...these guys thought of everything!

Here in Rochester, NY, we're in range of 6404 nuclear warheads...2347 from the USA and 3684 from Russia, 192 from UK, 121 from China. 2490 of those can be delivered from ICBM and 2771 by submarine with only 1143 available by bombers.

By contrast, Denver Colorado is within range of 8127 warheads and Washington DC 6404 warheads. Tune in and find out where your location stands...pleasant dreams.

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