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Two Chemical Events...Many Lessons!

Once again proving the point that you don't have to wait for a terrorist attack...

The articles linked below highlight the need for all of us to be familiar with chemical event potential. As I've been saying for years, we don't have to wait for a terrorist attack with a chemical agent to utilize the knowledge/training that we have. When I say "we"...I mean traditional and non-traditional responders...EMS, fire, police, and hospital personnel.

Note to the American Fire Service...I don't buy into the idea the fire department will be too busy to support hospital decontamination/protection efforts in large-scale events. Fire departments must be involved in planning, training, and implementing protective measures at hospitals...even if only one fire officer, to help direct mutual aid companies. Hospitals are critical infrastructure.

The first two links below relate to a chemical event at refuge company. I'm getting the impression that something got mixed in the trash and reacted, releasing an unknown chemical vapor resulting in three critical patients, numerous contaminated, many transported...119 total. The underlying situation is that one hospital was ready with decon...they had drilled for such an event with the fire department. Also, EMS didn't send contaminated patients to the hospital and on-scene decon worked. These articles are preliminary, but I'm thinking this will be an interesting case to follow.

The last link is to an article that is much more disturbing; a situation using a chemical dispersal device, chlorine and an incendiary device were deployed...with intent...with a specific target. The mainstream media is calling this a hate crime. I'm looking at it as an act of domestic terrorism.

Tune into Mitigation Journal Podcast for more details...look for edition 118 (expected release 8/5/09)

Unknown gas injuries in MA

Emergency Decon Drills Paid Off

Chemical Attack Hate Crime

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