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Air Terror Attack

I've suspected something of this nature would be happening and have been following events the mainstream media has not been covering. Tonight, 12/25/09 we have striking developments from Detroit...
MSNBC is reporting that a Nigerian man attempted to detonate or ignite a powdery material on a Northwest airlines flight today.

At the same time, CNN is reporting that this incident took place at the end of the flight from the Netherlands to Detroit and involved fireworks or fire crackers of some type.

While the latest Reuters report out of Washington and being carried locally here in Rochester, NY,  has the White House confirming a more serious event...calling it an act of terrorism.

Interestingly, we've been talking about several instances occurring on commercial airliners in the last few weeks. These events seemed to involve threatening or hostile-like actions on the part of passengers appearing of Middle-Eastern dissent. I've called them "probing" events - those events used to test our response to and actions during an event and just talked about them in MJ#140 on the podcast. They have received scant media coverage and what has been covered has received a glossy political correct finish. While supposed eye-witness accounts and the "official" airline accounts differ in degree of severity, its important to note that seemingly everything that can be done to discredit those concerned (civilians) who bring this issue up.  The National Terror Alert is linking to an article published by the American Thinker that you should read. They do a nice job of piecing the commonalities together.

While all the details are yet to be known, we have to ask what type of explosive or device could get past TSA? We'll be increasing our security for sure. More to follow.

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