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National Infrastructure Protection Plan

I've just received this link for the new National Infrastructure Protection Plan. We'll be reading it over in the next few days and reporting back here and on the podcast.

Until then, give the Plan and associated documents a look. All documents are available in PDF.

The updated document replaces the 2006 document...I think that one was over 200 pages...the update is only 188 pages. Your thoughts and comments are important. If you take the time to review the NIPP and documents, please let me know what you think.


Chemical Suicide in Cars

Information is circulating on the topic of chemical suicides. We've talked about them a number of times on Mitigation Journal and here, in the blog. I've added some links to the podcast and blog postings on the topic of chemical suicides...see the links below.

There have been numerous cases in Japan of people committing suicide by mixing various chemical products with the end result being Hydrogen Sulfide. The situations in Japan have occurred at an alarming rate, and due to the living conditions, created a number of MCIs and ripple effect casualties in apartment buildings.

Two cases are being talked about recently...both in the U.S and both involving people sitting in parked cars (sometimes sealed with tape on the inside) and mixing chemicals. By reports I've been reading, the chemicals are different from the types used in Japan and other places, but the end result is the same.

I have been aware of this type of activity for a while now and reported about it on the podcast and blog. I am aware of two events within the last 6 months or so (Georgia and California) where people have locked themselves inside their car and mixed chemicals. I am also aware of at least one other similar event in Portland, Ore, where a guy used chemicals heated by a hibachi in a hotel room to do the same thing. In many cases there is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) created. Chemical suicide has been a growing problem in Japan...these situations have caused MCI's in apartment buildings and numerous deaths. It would seem the trend is continuing and moving toward us.

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More to follow...If any readers have better intel on this, please write in or call the voicemail line 585-672-7844.


Stand by for the Ripple Effect

One out of every four people said they're (or someone in the family) is putting off getting medical attention due to cost. Another 50% admit to over-reliance on folk remedy and over the counter medications in lieu of seeking prescription drugs and doctors office visits.

EMS providers hang on to your EKG leads! The combination of prolonged reliance on over the counter medications will lead to increased medication interaction and more severe disease. Sprinkle in a bit of denial and delayed access to care, and we'll be seeing sicker patients with masked symptoms. The situation reported by MSNBC should also be a warning for use to look ahead for the Ripple this case, the Ripple will be surge on hospitals and EMS with patients who have been under treated or have been non-compliant with treatment. Also, responders have to be ready for the prescription / OTC interaction and complication of history and exam.

Keep an eye on this one.