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An attack by any other name...

An attack by any other name...
Small plane was intentionally flown into a building housing a Federal IRS institution. CNN and MSNBC both are reporting the same story. Both sites are featuring video with eerie resemblance to 9-11. Authorities are, once again, quick to note in staunch "nothing to see here fashion" - we have no reason to believe this is a terrorist act -
Perhaps its a matter of not connecting the dots...
Lets connect a few:
  • Man writes suicide note on website
  • Man proclaims anti-government rage and 'violence the only solution'
  • Man sets own house on fire then flys private plane into building (IRS, CIA and FBI all have offices in the complex where the building that was struck is located)
  • And the official speculation is...
"At this time, we have no reason to believe there is a nexus to terrorist activity."
 What? Maybe we have forgotten the term domestic terrorism, forgotten about government buildings as targets (soft ones). And maybe we've forgotten about places like Oklahoma City and the Murrah Federal Building.

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