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Mitigation Journal Podcast #178

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Mitigation Journal Podcast #178 is a special request edition. Matt and I are planning to record the regular weekly segment shortly, but due to the number of emails...all requesting similar information...I decided to post a bonus edition. Don't worry, the weekly MJ podcast edition will not be interrupted.

So, on this special in-service training edition (MJ#178) you'll hear my talk on Clinical Decision Making in Critical Situations...previously delivered under the title of "When is dead, dead?" this program covers many aspects of interpersonal and scene management from the decision making model. If you're into managing difficult situations (and who isn't) this is the lecture for you. Best of all its recorded LIVE during one of my training sessions. So, hang on for enthusiastic EMS evangelizing!

One note of warning; this lecture was given for a group of firefighters and the analogies reflect fire service operation and themes. Other than that its 100% pure easy-to-understand for any level provider!

I'd love to hear your comments and constructive criticisms; email me at or call me on the voice mail line 585-672-7844

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