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Mitigation Journal Podcast #179

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Mitigation Journal edition #179 is now available. This week Matt and I discuss several topics for emergency services...our theme this week is situational awareness. In this issue we discuss the need for correct use of non-pharmacological interventions in the prevention of disease spread. It's amazing how many people still do not wash their hands after using the toilet!  In an even more disturbing situation, firefighters respond to a dumpster fire and are ambushed; showered with fireworks by an angry crowd.

We also discuss the latest in medication delivery; micro needles and how they may change the way we give flu vaccine...IF we get flu vaccine. And finally, Matt talks about staging for potential dangerous situations; when we do it, how close we do it...and who makes the decision...and in this case, what can happen when its not done appropriately.  You can see video excerpts from this episode on the Mitigation Journal blog on the VIDEO tab or on YouTube

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