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Picture This!

Picture This! And do it now.

MJ logo by Kyle David Bates
Emergency service educators from all walks can struggle to make a point stick in the classroom. We've come to acknowledge the use of illustration as a means to "demonstrate" in class. As computer and digital technology has improved, especially for us Mac users (sorry, can't help it)so has the quality of our message to students when we use pictures and graphics that are realistic and meaningful.

I've recently become aware of the talents of a friend and colleague...I should say more aware, rather. I'm talking about Kyle David Bates. I've taught classes with Kyle and you've heard him on several podcasts including Mitigation Journal, EMS Garage, and most recently on First Few Moments. Kyle recently re-worked the Mitigation Journal logo and when I was adding the banner to his site (in the sidebar of this blog) took a few minutes to view his site...and you should, too. 

Here's what you do; go to and take a look at the Clinical photos. They're so'll have to resist calling 9-1-1! Jazz up your instruction and message to your students...check out You can also follow Kyle on Twitter @imagemedic.

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  1. So when will be able to purchase MJ wear on Cafepress?


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