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Elizabethtown - Lewis Rescue Squad Gets New Ambulance

This is going to be a long post, so hang on.

Its the kind of vehicle you'd expect to see in a large city. All the sophistication and technology to support any patient care needs...from emergency to transport. But not this ambulance. This vehicle shown below is the latest edition to the Elizabethtown - Lewis Emergency Squad. I was treated to a grand tour by my friends Larry and Patty Bashaw and wanted to share this with the readers. Yes, there is a story behind the color choice...but you'll have to ask Larry to tell the story.
Look below:

Larry Bashaw (left) giving me a tour of the "brown" ambulance
Ricky, Jyl, Michelle in 5 point harness 
Me behind the wheel...don't see that everyday

Restraints to fit us Full-Figured Paramedics

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