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MJ Podcast 180: Invisible Bracelet - Great Start for National Preparedness Month

Workable communication is key to managing any crisis...individual emergencies, local events, and large-scale disasters, all need an efficient means of communication. National Preparedness Month is September, 2010 and encourages everyone to be better prepared - Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed. A great way to start your personal and professional National Preparedness Month activities is to enhance communication.

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How about a means of improving communications for every-day emergencies and large-scale events? I found an answer with Invisible Bracelet (iB) online tool that allows targeted medical information to be available to emergency responders and others involved in health care delivery. iB is not a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record or EMR, its a snapshot of vital information (that you control) available for responders to act on in case of emergency.

Th iB system also tackles communication with family members - simple to program In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact information allows the iB system to send a text message to emergency contacts letting them know you or your loved one has been taken to a hospital.

This week on Mitigation Journal Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mark Tornstrom, the Executive Director of the National Medic Network for iB (listen to MJ#180). In our conversation, Mark details the functionality of this vital service. Tune in to the podcast as we discuss the role for this technology in every-day and disaster events as well as the benefits to traditional and non-traditional responders. 

Functional, with just the basic information needed to save a life...Invisible Bracelet is a great fit for National Preparedness Month. For more on National Preparedness Month, go to and for all the details of iB got, of course, keep checking Mitigation Journal Podcast/Blog for the latest in emergency response.

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