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MJ Podcast #181: Acid, Bombing Changes, Flu season on the way

MJ Podcast #181: Acid, Bombing Changes, Flu season on the way...with CoHost Matt and special guest Tom Sullivan, is now available.

This week we tackle a number of important topics as always. Join us as we discuss the not-so-obvious operational concerns in the wake of an assault involving acid here in Rochester. The key point being that decontamination must be accomplished prior to any victims being transported and this and any type of incident involving multiple patients or intentional acts involving hazardous materials must be communicated to all area hospitals in order for them to prepare for the potential of self-referring, contaminated patients. For more on this, see Acid used in Rochester, NY attack in Mitigation Journal August 2010.

Although the mainstream media would have you believe different, would-be bombers can and do test their bombs. On this edition of the podcast, we discuss how the stifled Times Square Bomber did, in fact, test his bombs, change his materials, and conduct pre-incident surveillance. See Times Square bombing details indicate planning, testing posted August, 2010.

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