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MJ Podcast #182: The Problem with PODs, Flu Season Preparation, and Prescription Medication Abuse.

I received a number of emails this week about a comment made on edition 181 of Mitigation Journal podcast...I was talking about my support for the United States Postal Service pharmaceutical delivery program the lack of functionality and failure potential of points of distribution. Leading off edition 182 is a discussion A few listeners/readers wanted to know why...nobody disagreed with me...just wanted more information on my opinion. One podcast listener actually wants me to write an opinion for their superiors and deliver some training on the topic of comprehensive biological event planning.

Matt and I also discuss the need to revisit flu season planning. Who knows what we're in for this flu season, but this is a good time to develop (or encourage) those good non-pharm infection control practices; respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, and appropriate social distancing. Its also a good time to revisit your services infection control, update, train on it.  This segment of the podcast expands on several recent blog postings. For more on these topics check out these postings in Mitigation Journal blog CDC: Vaccine not a requirement, Forward Thinking for Flu  , and CDC Drops N95 Requirement

And finally this week, we talk about the importance of a medication profile and history in the pre-hospital environment. Medications and medication history are important but never so important as they are today. Prescription medication abuse is increasing faster than meth use and the rate of emergency calls due to abuse is rising. EMS responders must add medications and medication history to the list of things-to-do. I also encourage everyone to have a field guide that lists medications, indications, and side effects. I recommend the EMS Field Guide and Field Guide app for iPod/iPhoneTouch from Informed Publishing.

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