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MJ Podcast edition #184 Notes from an Elevator Rescue

This week on Mitigation Journal Podcast edition #184

This week we'll revisit one of the most challenging rescues this region has ever encountered. Almost three years ago I had the opportunity to speak with one the command officers involved in this event. The event and its management...from response to rescue, to recovery still gets high marks today. I originally posted this interview on Mitigation Journal way back in December, 2007...and still get emails on it today. Because of a recent email (content remaining anonymous at the request of the listener) we're going to reply this interview.

On November 29, 2007, EMS and fire agencies from the 3rd Battalion of Monroe County, NY responded to one of the most challenging rescue situations one can imagine. This situation has it all...multiple victims entrapped in an elevator shaft, extreme cold, confined space, and technical rescue.
Five EMS agencies, Five Fire/Rescue agencies, Air-Medical and on-scene medical command came together under a unified command structure to effect a most amazing rescue.

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the opposite side of my county to speak with Mr. Steve Waters about this elevator rescue. Steve is an emergency medical technician with several years of experience (decades, actually). He is the President of Perinton Volunteer Ambulance ( and was among the Command Staff during this event.

While you're listening, keep the Rule of Outcomes in mind...we don't have to wait for a large disaster or terrorist attack to use the planning and skills we've been training on!

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