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Mosque...The Mosque...Victory Mosque...NYC Mosque...Ground Zero Mosque. Many names, many issues, many polarized points of view. It's not all about the Mosque. We must think deeper.

Before I give you another way to look at the situation, remember this; I do everything possible to keep my political views out of Mitigation Journal. With that in mind, let me clearly state:
Building a Islamic Cultural Center/Mosque near the NYC Ground Zero site is beyond building code and religious freedom. It is legal and supported by the United States Constitution, but is it appropriate...
Legislation to support health care for Ground Zero responders and workers now afflicted and suffering from pulmonary disease has failed. Almost without a whimper. There has been minimal support for those who are dying today from their work at Ground much support will be there for you or I after the next attack?
On to the point of this post. From the polarization of opinion, the demonstrations, to the time when construction on the NYC Ground Zero Mosque begins and to its completion...indeed, for the duration the Islamic Center stands, it will be a target of political and public debate.

Nobody is talking about the unfortunate truth that some mosque locations have been used to recruit, raise money, and plan terrorist activity. There are over 100 other mosques in NYC and their may or may not be illicit activity taking place now. Here. In NYC.

The problem now is that forcing the issue of building this Mosque will draw attention to these facts and foster discontent and perhaps, action. I am concerned about the "actions" we may see. Gunfire at a anti-NYC Mosque explosive event at a pro-Islamic Center political speech...or a major event O.K. City style, after the NYC Mosque is built. Nobody is talking about the ability, more likely inability, to protect this Islamic Center from domestic terrorism. We're not talking about it because we can't.

The Mosque will be built, the debate and demonstrations will continue, and you heard it here first, somebody is going to ignite the spark and we'll have a domestic terrorist event on our hands. There will be retaliation...and another event. And so on and so forth.

You and I will be in the middle...those in emergency response, in our hospitals, in public safety. We'll again be at the center of keeping people alive, keeping hospitals working, and infrastructure intact. And when it's over...if its ever over...who will be there to support us?

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