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Leaving the Oxygen Tank in the (EMS) Garage

Leaving the Oxygen Tank in the (EMS) Garage...EMS Garage Podcast leaves oxygen and outdated thinking in the dust.

I don't recommend products, services, or other podcast and blogs lightly. This week I'm going to ask that every Mitigation Journal Blog reader and Podcast listener, and every EMS responder in the world tune into EMS Garage Podcast episode 101.

Why? This episode begins with the typical panel discussion...this time on the topic of oxygen and the (over)use thereof. But the real meat of this EMS Garage episode comes about halfway into the talk. The panel dives into opinion and controversy concerning EMS education standards, folk lore, and legend...and how that outdated thinking and training has led EMS.

OK, I'll say no more...tune in and hear for yourself. You can find EMS Garage at or at They're also on Stitcher.

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