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Local Example of Dangerous Tension

Local Example of Dangerous Tension - The Tipping Point Teeters in Orleans County, New York.

Numerous media outlets in Rochester, NY including 13 WHAM News and WHAM 1180 are reporting that a group of local men assaulted members of a mosque in what is being called a Hate Crime. According to the mosque spokesperson, the Islamic group (the World Sufi Foundation) has been the target violence for years. The spokesperson also noted that the hateful activity has never been taken seriously. See World Sufi Foundation and this Wikipedia entry on Sufism for more information.

After evening prayers the group heard what they describe as obscenities and squealing tires outside their mosque according to news reports. At some point one of the worshipers was struck by an SUV as he stood at the side of the road. The group also alleges that shots were fired during this time. According to the report on 13 WHAM News, one person has been arrested in relation to illegal firearms possession. 

There have been a couple of posts here dedicated to this topic. My main concern remains as previously stated in this blog, to be about the "actions" we may see. Gunfire at a anti-NYC Mosque explosive event at a pro-Islamic Center political speech...or a major event O.K. City style, after the NYC Mosque is built. Nobody is talking about the ability, more likely inability, to protect this Islamic Center from domestic terrorism. We're not talking about it because we can't..."  

Maybe I should change  rephrase that...Nobody is talking about the ability, more likely inability, to protect this  any Islamic Center from domestic terrorism.

 See Mitigation Journal posts Mosque and Tipping on the Point for more details. You can also hear my comments on Mitigation Journal Podcast as part of edition #186.
I am terribly afraid that skirmishes such as the one described by 13 WHAM and WHAM 1180 will continue to escalate. There are probably going to be other events in Small Town and Big City America and the concern continues to grow as will the violence, potential retaliation, and eventual civil unrest. 

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