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MJ Podcast #187: Inside Look at Net Talon

MJ Podcast #187: Inside Look at Net Talon and how they save lives of responders and civilians

We're all about situational awareness. Numerous articles and sources have talked about the use of civilians as forward observers...that is, those who are engaged in a situation being part of the solution be providing first-hand data to responders. The best example of this is the cell phone videos that make it to mainstream media; those videos taken by civilians who are actually there and perhaps in harms way. Even more recently we've discussed how many 9-1-1 dispatch centers were now accepting emergency calls via text messaging. Suffice to say, those in the midst of a situation have technology available to get important data out to responders.

What about taking that accidental intel gathering and making it more sophisticated, real-time, without putting anyone in harms way? Interested? Well, that is exactly what Net Talon has done with their Virtual Command Incident Management technology. Also known as Net Talon System 3000, this command system allows for immediate notification of an event and faster dispatch of appropriate resources. They also integrate any pre-incident plans for a given location. There is a viewing component that keeps responders situational aware at a near real-time pace; who is under attack, who is safe or in an area of refuge...The Virtual Command technology also sets responder up for success by encouraging incident planning en-route a faster execution of strategy upon arrival. 

I had an opportunity to have Donald Jones, Director of Corporate Development, and Ronald DuBois, Director of Administration and Finance at Net Talon join me on Mitigation Journal Podcast edition 187 for an in-depth look at Net Talon and the Virtual Command technology. What you'll hear on Mitigation Journal Podcast this week is perhaps the most invigorating news on the topic of threat mitigation I've heard in a long time.

Please visit Net Talon on at While you're there, be sure to watch their active shooter demonstration.

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