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Pakistani Military Delegation Removed From Flight

Pakistani Military Delegation Removed From Flight, Tampa - Florida

According to the group of nine foreign-born men were taken off a flight after one off them made inappropriate comments to a flight attendant. Those comments were not defined in this article. Whatever the situation or comment (we don't know how loud the comments were) 15 other passengers declined to fly on that flight and were re-booked. Read the full article from here. Be sure to scroll down and read the comments at the bottom of the story - a must read!

Following a link posted in the comments on the above article, took me to this story from DAWN.COM. (I've never heard of DAWN.COM or the DAWN Media Group and have no idea about their credibility). According to the DAWN.COM article, the men removed from the flight in question were members of a Pakistani military delegation who were in the U.S. for a military meeting. DAWN.COM writes that the men were:
"offended by this treatment, decided to cancel an important meeting at the headquarters of the US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday, and return home."
Also, according to investigation by DAWN one of the men (presumably a military officer  had "misbehaved" in some way (not defined) with a stewardess and told her that “this would be her last mission”.

Where do you draw the line between bad behavior and credible threat? Perhaps these men were no aware of the current tensions in the United States centered around the Ground Zero mosque and perhaps they have not heard about the airline event involving two men traveling to Yemen. You'd think that members of a visiting military delegation would do everything in their power to police themselves and remain above reproach.

So, what would you do having someone tell you "this would be your last mission"? If someone said that to me in the back of the ambulance...I'd stop the truck and get out. 

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