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American Heart Month

October is American Heart Month and is support of this effort, here are a few heart healthy tips from the American Heart Association:
  • Combine physical activity and social fun by encouraging everyone in the household – kids and adults – to enjoy active-play video games together. 
  • No time for exercise? Break up your activity into 10-15 minute bouts.
  • If your favorite sports include seasonal activities such as tennis or skiing, you may spend months waiting for the right weather to arrive. Consider how active-play video games based on seasonal sports can provide a fun, physically active supplement to your activities all year round.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Typical dinner parties can be nice, but isn’t it always more fun to surprise and entertain guests with something out of the ordinary? Next time you’re hosting a social gathering, turn it into an active-play video game night that gets your friends on their feet and having a blast.
  • Choose a parking spot farther away than usual, and take some extra steps.
  • If rain or snow prevents you from enjoying outdoor activities, host an active-play video game tournament in your living room. Challenge family members, neighbors or friends to step up and vie for the best scores. The friendly competition might inject some extra fun into your experience.

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