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HHS to Support Community Health Centers

Over $727 million going to support community health centers.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that over $727 million will be distributed to 143 community health centers for upgrades and new construction (text here). According to HHS, the money will come from the Affordable Care Act and go to community health centers serve nearly 19 million patients in the U.S., about 40 percent of whom have no health insurance.

This is a fantastic idea that will have a positive impact in each targeted community. I've long held the position that if more attention were paid to community health needs, we may not need sweeping health care reform.  Many of the under- or uninsured suffer from a variety of health problems and lack access to affordable, quality health care. Not only are the undeserved populations at increased risk of disease, they are at greater risk for complications related to lack of treatment and insufficient knowledge. The cost of diabetes and heart disease is staggering. The cost of complications and long-term care is staggering. This initiative will bring that care to the population. 

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