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Mitigation Journal the dictator

 Mitigation Journal the dictator… speech recognition software improves my blogging!

Do ever get tired of typing on your blog? Sometimes I have so many ideas floating in my head it seems I can't type fast enough to get them out. So I often sit and make dozens of notes on various pieces of paper and sticky pads only to lose them or forget what they're about… cause the loss of so many good ideas rather than the creation of outstanding blog posts. All because I don't feel like sitting down to type.
What's changing now. I've gone out on a limb and decided to try a speech recognition software again. I had a speech recognition program on my old PC a few years ago and could never get it to work right, it was very frustrating it seemed like a waste of money and time.

Recently, after being fed up with typing, I decided to look into speech recognition software for my iMac. What I found was Mac speech dictate software. Albeit a bit skeptical, I decided to give it a try in a vice of the salesperson at the local Apple store purchased MacSpeech Dictate for my iMac. Within minutes of installing the software I was able to talk into the microphone and the software recognized my voice so accurately it was instantly a success. In fact I am “typing” this blog post now through the headset that came with my MacSpeech Dictate software.

So big tip of the helmet to the folks at the local Apple store here in Rochester New York and recommending this piece of software. Not only will it improve my blogging but my spelling as well!

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