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MJ Podcast #193: Duty to Act and Move Over Laws

The latest edition of Mitigation Journal is sure to get you thinking. This week on edition #193, Matt and I discuss the implications of the Duty to Act (or failure thereof) on the part of two NYC EMT/Dispatchers and Move Over Laws.

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The NYC EMT/dispatcher who walked out of a coffee shop after being told about a woman having a seizure is now facing misconduct charges. The other EMT involved in this case was fatally shot outside of a NYC nightclub this past summer. I've already posted about this several times and discussed it on the podcast in edition #142. As this situation comes back into the media, it bears discussion again. Tune in to hear the details as Matt and I take a few spins and 'what ifs' of the potential ramifications of this case along with a few other side-issues; public perception, duty to act, and on/off duty image.

In the second half this week, we'll review the Move Over Laws. These are the laws intended to protect responders by getting motorists to move into a lane away from an emergency vehicle or slow to 20 miles per hour when approaching. The idea here is to prevent collisions while emergency vehicles are parked on the side of the highway. You'll want to hear the discussion as Matt describes the law and I ask a few questions.

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