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MJ Podcast #194: Mail Bomb Threat & Soft Targets, Traditional v. Retail Health Care, and Biological Preparedness Introduction

This week on Mitigation Journal Podcast we'll take a quick look at the Air Freight Bombing attempts. This developing story is another example of the probing attacks on soft targets. Yes, I said probing. And as this situation continues to evolve and more information becomes available, we're seeing that the bombs were not only on board cargo aircraft. Passenger aircraft were targeted as well. Although the going theory is that the planes were to be blown up in flight, I reserve the possibility that they were to be detonated at airports or after the packages had gotten inside the airport. More to follow.

Next we discuss the growing discontent between traditional health care delivery (doctors offices) and non-traditional delivery of care by retail and walk-in health centers. In this case, some physician offices are claiming that are not getting flu vaccine to keep up with the vaccine being delivered to the non-traditional venues.

In the second half of the podcast this week, we introduce another series for November. We'll run a multi-part series on the topic of biological preparedness...with at twist. How about comparing naturally occurring biological events (colds/Flu) with our preparedness for large-scale or intentional biological events?

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