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MJ192: Uniforms/ID Complacency, 'Fun-Size' Terrorism, EMS Readiness, and No Pay, No Spray

This week on Mitigation Journal podcast we discuss a number of important emergency service related topics. We were a little late in getting the podcast episode posted this week due to illness, but we got it up and running and ready for you. As you read this post glance over to the right sidebar   and you'll notice that we have placed a podcast player there… now you can listen to Mitigation Journal podcast directly from our blog page.

Leading off the podcast this week is a short discussion about an incident that took place in the Philadelphia airport. It seems someone got a hold of a US air ground crew uniform and was able to get onto the airport property and actually assist other employees loading baggage on an aircraft. The aircraft was backed away from the gate and eventually evacuated after the two employees reported the stranger in uniform helping him load the baggage. This issue highlights the debate on what should be done to secure old uniforms and turnout gear.

Next we discussed this most unfortunate situation coming to us from Tennessee where a subscription fire service had a delayed response to a structure fire. Because the homeowner had not paid the $75 subscription fee the fire department would not extinguish the blaze in his house.  The house, their possessions, and their pets were all lost in the fire. This situation raises the issues as to whether or not subscription fire service would be able to manage large-scale events.

We'll also talk about first responder preparedness… we always talk about first responder preparedness. This time we'll take a look at a study done by Meridian Medical Technologies that notes an overwhelming majority of “first responders” don't feel the receiving the training they need for chemical biological and radiological events.

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