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NYC EMT faces misconduct charge

Remember the two New York City EMT/public safety dispatchers made headlines back in December, 2009 when they refused to help a woman having a seizure? One of them is back in the news and facing misconduct charges. One of the EMTs was fatally shot outside of a New York City nightclub this summer.

The defense at the time was that these actions, or rather, in actions were defensible because these two people were dispatchers and not “field personnel”.

The situation made headlines and was  written about here  (Duty to Act in NY and Are they EMT's or not? Get off the fence! December 22, 2009). you can also go back and listen to my comments on Mitigation Journal podcast edition 142

The Associated Press is running a story telling us that the other EMT is now facing charges of official misconduct. The penalty for which could be up to a year in jail. I found this article  on

 I'd like to open up the duty to act debate again as the story progresses. Please leave comments here or e-mail you can also call the voicemail line at 585-672-7844.

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