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Release the App - Mitigation Journal Podcast App Available

Release the App...the Mitigation Journal App, that is!

Mitigation Journal now has an app for iPod and iPhone that will allow users access to several content updates. As a Mitigation Journal app user you'll get the weekly Mitigation Journal episodes on an early release schedule...that is, before they hit the main feed. Also, as an app user, you'll get access to two new Mitigation Journal products available exclusively for the app.

You'll get the Lessons Learned segment - a weekly review of emergencies and disasters from around the world...past disasters and current events will be highlighted. You'll want to listen to Lessons Learned to keep pace with the challenges we face today.

As a Mitigation Journal app user, you'll also receive my weekly Situation Update; a weekly review of major events in the realm of fire, EMS, emergency management, and hospital preparedness.

One new app - three great podcasts - Mitigation Journal, Lessons Learned, and Situation Update - all for a one -time purchase of $1.99. Your purchase will supply you with a tremendous volume of relevant content for any responder - and you'll be supporting one of the most popular emergency service/domestic preparedness podcasts on the Internet.

Follow the link to the iTunes app store and get your Mitigation Journal app now for just $1.99.
Link to iTunes app store

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