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Review of Informed Publishing RN pocket guide

Review of Informed Publishing RN pocket guide... a great guide for student and practitioner.

I was recently asked by my friends Informed Publishing to review their nursing pocket guide hard copy  and  mobile application.  I've been continually impressed by the publications from informed in the quality of their mobile applications. Having used a number of their guides and applications over the last few years I've come to expect a pretty high standard. So, while reviewing the RN pocket guide, informed had some pretty high standards to live up to.

As far as overall content is concerned, I found the RN pocket guide to be relevant for the student nurse. This guide met all my standards and needs as a concise reference. The cardiac section was the most useful I found that the cardiac section translated very well into electronic format. The respiratory section was also very useful and the expanded graphics allowed you to increase the size and to get a full page view. The graphics both in hard copy and the mobile application are a major bonus. The mobile application is searchable in several different ways with functions for “touch to expand” and “continue reading” making for a smooth user interface.

Again the graphics in the design of both the application in the hard copy are in pocket guide were superior to other products that look that and the fact that you could explode the graphics to full page size makes visual scanning much easier.

The mobile application for the RN pocket guide by informed publishing has a few extras as well. One in particular that I'd like to talk about is the note function. The note function allows you to type in your own notes related to a specific subject and save those notes. Another important extra of this application is the fact that it automatically updates without any need for registration or continual connection. The application continually updates itself whenever there is an Internet connection.

Find the RN pocket guide here or go to iTunes by clicking here for the mobile application.

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