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MJ Podcast #195Mail bombs deliver failure, Canadian ambulances getting bogged down, and Instinctively Health

This week on Mitigation Journal we discuss the situation with the mail bombs delivered through UPS and FedEx air freight planes is a disaster! It's a disaster without one of the bombs even going off… we found out about the situation because of a tip from an informant not because of our preparedness or hardening of the target. I go on a pretty good rant about this particular topic on this weeks podcast. Tune in to hear what I think we should do about the failure of the Department of Homeland Security and the T. S. A.

Also this week, Matt takes a look at a situation in Canada where ambulances are becoming bogged down in emergency department waits. This is a great topic for all of us to check out as it is not limited to any one area. We all feel the pinch when hospital triage times are slow and when hospitals are operating in over capacity. Chances are you've experienced this as well. Long wait times tying up ambulances and hospitals enhances the ripple effect of even the smallest event. Forget Surge Capacity, hospitals around the world are having a hard time managing day-to-day routine events.

In the second half of our podcast this week I speak with Ms. Lori VanScoter from Instinctively Healthy.  Lori  is an oncology nurse and a health coach. In this phone interview we discuss the benefits of having a health coach in different ways you can look at your own health and stress with just a little help from a friend.

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