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MJ Podcast #196: Missile or Not? And, did that ambulance just duck?

This week on the podcast Matt and I discuss two important topics...the "missile' seen off of the coast of LA and how a DCFEMS ambulance may have ducked out of a multi-patient shooting. We had planned to discuss a couple of other topics, but ran out of time. We'll put those topics (first-in actions at MCI and paramedics cut to give FF's a raise) at the top of the list for next week.

So, was it a missile or not? That is still the question surrounding an object that was seen last week seemingly streaking towards the sky off the coast of L.A. Captured by a local TV helicopter film crew, the "missile like" object has been examined by a number of experts. We've heard everything from its a bird, its a plane, to...we have no idea what it was. NORAD was not able to track it...the FAA says we don't know what plane was in the area. So, was it a missile? If so, who did it belong to and what happened to it. Or, was it a plane with an odd vapor trail? You decide. See the video here.

Next, Matt bring us a story out of Washington, D.C. where a DCFEMS ambulance may have ducked out of an MCI-shooting event.  We'll pick up the triage and first-in actions next week!

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