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Sorting out triage...Questions we'll be answering

Triage. For most responders, we look at triage systems as a means to manage (sort) multi-patient events. These events can be difficult physically and mentally. Triage systems give us a tool to keep us on track and focused. We had a chance to have an in-depth conversation with Dr. Lou Romig, the creator of JumpStart Triage, on a recent edition of First Few Moments. I encourage you to tune in to this edition and apply the discussion to your every-day practice.

Triage in every-day practice? Yes, that's what I said. Far too often we reserve our triage skills for when the bad thing happens. Why not apply the triage model to every situation we encounter?

While we rely on triage tools to keep us on track managing patients. Triage systems can also help us track patients from the field to the hospital. They also allow us to track patient condition changes. But the key is that we have to be familiar with them...not just pulling the triage kit off the truck when disaster strikes.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about yourself about your triage (we'll be answering these in the next few posts):
  • What would you change about your triage system to make it more every-day user friendly?
  • What suggestions can you come up with for improving original triage training for EMS providers?
  • How do we improve triage skills among experienced providers?

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