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Week in Review November 5, 2010

A quick review of last week:

11/1/10 Mitigation Journal podcast #194. We talked about the Mail Bomb attacks on airline soft-targets and how traditional health care delivery is in competition with retail health/walk-in centers.

11/2/10 Blog Post: Sorting Out Triage This post highlighted the latest conversational on the First Few Moments podcast with Dr. Lou Romig. We'll be looking at the questions posed in later sure to tune into FFM podcast and check back here as I give my two cents on triage.

11/4/10 Blog Post: Two Pieces of Infrastructure you can't Ignore: Telecommunications and Power this post...its only the start of our infrastructure series.

Your reading list for the weekend:
Obesity to reach 42% from MSNBC
Kids on 9/11 now fighting from MSNBC

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