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MJ Podcast #199: DHS Threat System Changes, WikiLeaks and You, Survive in your car for a day?

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Matt and I churn up a few good topics this week on the podcast. First, we discuss that ridiculous color-code threat system the Department of Homeland Security has been using. The color code system has never been meaningful to the public or those in emergency management...other than for jokes, that is. Its due to be replaced (but we don't know when or with what). In this segment, we discuss the top three things a a warning system should do. We'll also have a separate blog posting out on this topic scheduled for December 9. This post will have additional information, history and links. Click here for a sneak preview or check back at Mitigation Journal blog for more details.  

Next up, we tackle the WikiLeak situation from a different point of view...yours. What would life be like if your public service had a WikiLeak of its very own? Would you be able to defend your budget secrets, your spending, or your billing practices? Would you want the public to know the deep-dark secrets of your quality assurance process? What if the general public (including those who what to do you harm with an intentional event) got a hold of you pre-incident plans or other response plans? Would your personnel be at risk? Consider the impact to you public support if your agency secrets became public...

Finally, this week, we discuss a situation from Western New York (South of Buffalo) where over 100 people were stranded on a 10-mile stretch of I-90. Could you survive in your car for a day...during a snow storm? We've got a post up about this and add to the suggestions for keeping yourself prepared when traveling.

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