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MJ Podcast Edition 200

Mitigation Journal 5 years blogging, 4 years podcasting and MJ Edition #200

Podcast #200
Well, here we are! Edition 200 of Mitigation Journal podcast coinciding with the anniversary of this adventure. We're marking not only our 200th edition and four years of podcasting, but five years blogging in the emergency community.

This is also the week I'd like to say 'thank you' to everyone who has supported this project. Like so many other projects, Mitigation Journal has become more than the sum of its parts...with all the listeners, readers, and supporters being those "parts".

This week, Matt, Bob, Dan, Jamie, and I revisit some memorable moments marking the development of Mitigation Journal.  We run a bit longer than normal this, sit back, get a fresh coffee, and tune in.

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