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Sara Russotti December 3, 2005

Dear Sara,

It's been five-years. Time has sailed by without you here. So many changes and so many gifts we'd like to share. None of our gifts could match the joy you've gave in your short time with us. Your brother and sisters have grown so much...but they have not out-grown you. You have a baby sister now...that makes you the big sister! I wonder how you'd like that?

I often think about what we'd do if we were together. Would we color or play catch? Build a snowman or go sledding? Or, would we just sit with the sun and look at the leaves? Oh, what I would give for the summers we didn't have or the pictures we didn't color...for the daughter I can not hold.

You remain in our hearts and we see you in every sunbeam and snowflake. We wait for the day we can hold you again...

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