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Three Problems for Planning in 2011

Three Problems for Planning...that will follow us into 2011

Hospitals as Soft Targets
#1. The threat of intentional attacks on civilian soft targets continues.
Locations of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, will need to be protected from attack as will other civilian locations. Hotels, coffee shops, and shopping centers lack the deterrents necessary to prevent attacks. The psychological impact of an attack on any of these soft targets will nearly as devastating as the loss of life.

#2. The threat of intentional attacks on critical infrastructure continues.
Critical Infrastructure
As noted above, hospitals may be the most visible civilian soft target of critical infrastructure. Several other locations meet this definition, however. Fire departments, ambulance services, law enforcement locations, and public works facilities should all be considered targets of critical infrastructure. While health care locations may be the most visible, it is the locations power grid/power supply that may be the most vulnerable. Several references have indicated that the Nations power grid is the most "at risk" target we have. It stands to reason that the power generation and distribution network in any community would also be at risk. 

#3. Naturally occurring environmental and biological events will continue.
Biological Events
Not only will these events continue to occur, their scope and severity will increase. The population "at risk" to given biological events increases as the number of people with chronic diseases (increasing in severity) increases. At one point, we were mainly concerned with those of extremes of age when discussing naturally occurring biologic events. Existing disease states among all members of the population along with growing numbers of people with a weakened or compromised immune system will make for a large population that will be prone to more severe disease or prolonged recovery.

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