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What if your agency had a Wiki-Leak?

Food for thought...when your internal secrets become public.

 Would you try to stop it? Would you try to prevent your deep, dark, agency secrets from becoming public? We're all familiar with the current wiki leak situation that's causing a stir around the globe. But what if this Internet distribution of sensitive information came home to roost in your emergency service?

 How confident are you that your service is properly collecting Medicaid or Medicare dollars, tax dollars, or is correctly billing for services? How would a wiki week on your billing practices or other revenue-generating activities be seen by your community?

How about your policies and procedures? Would they stand up to public scrutiny if to be suddenly made available to your general public? What about your quality assurance practices? It would be very interesting for the public to find out about some of the well-kept secrets and emergency service surrounding the quality and delivery of that service.

So, while the world is focused on the wiki leak induced hysteria over secret documents, take a few minutes to examine your internal structure… from billing to quality assurance… and ask yourself how would we measure up if all this got out?

Would you shine, or get a shiner?

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