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Don't Ignore your Infection Control Program!

Don't Ignore your Infection Control Program! This means you...
I hear it all the time - "why do we have to do this "OSHA" training?" Of course they're talking about what should be some of the most important training you'll get all year...infection control and disease prevention.

Far too often infection control training is passed off as a minor topic and not given the appropriate attention. I find this to be the case in many types of services among traditional responders. Well, take a look at this article stating that a hospital worker and police officer became ill after exposure to bacterial meningitis. Cal/OSHA fines to follow.

Don't overlook this important training.


Its the end of the world as we know it

Well, maybe not. But looking at the video shocked me! Numerous media outlets are streaming video of a massive fireball streaking across the sky. Visible in several Midwestern states, the reason and cause of the fireball remains a mystery.

See the video and article from

No terrorist, no zombies, no plague...just Mother Nature. But hey, it can't happen here.